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The Fab Pharmacy Loyalty Program

To reward our Loyal Customers and patrons fabpharmacy.com has a fabulous loyalty points program coupled with straight forward FREE PILLS OFFER for all !!


Main Offer

All our Customers get 25% Bonus Pills FREE with any order they make. Example: If your order is for 100 pills, we add 25% extra pills i..e 25 pills to your order or you can add it to your cart from the Free Gifts category. So you order 100 and pay for 100 , but we ship 125 !!

Thats a straight 25% discount !!


Loyalty Program

Also, for every order you place you are awarded Loyalty Points which amounts to 10% value of whatever order your make. On delivery of the order these points are added to your account. You can accumulate these points and convert them into a Discount Voucher which you can use in your next order


The more you order the more amount you can collect for your further orders !!


Happy Shopping !!





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